Summer Vine Floral Tea Cup & Saucer Set

Discover the essence of a lush English garden with our Summer Vine Floral Tea Cup & Saucer Set. Exquisitely crafted with a cornucopia of vibrant blooms, this set is a nod to the classic beauty of summer florals, paired with the timeless tradition of British tea.

Key Features:

  • Rich Floral Tapestry: Each piece is intricately adorned with a variety of summer flowers, creating a tapestry of color that is both captivating and inviting.

  • Elegant Embossed Pattern: The saucer and cup feature a subtle embossed design, lending texture and depth to the delicate porcelain.

  • Gleaming Gold Accents: A fine line of gold encircles the rim and handle, providing a touch of regal splendor to the set.

  • Fine Porcelain Craft: This set is fashioned from high-quality porcelain, ensuring durability and a graceful translucency.

  • Comfortable Handling: The elegantly crafted handle and well-balanced saucer ensure each sip is a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  • Set of Four: Complete with four cups and saucers, this set is perfect for sharing the joys of tea with friends and loved ones.

Detailed Description:

  • Saucer Design: The saucer is not just a base for the cup but a part of the ensemble, echoing the floral theme and providing a sturdy platform.
  • Ideal Cup Volume: The cups are designed to enhance the tea's flavors and aromas, ensuring a perfect tea experience with each use.
  • Artisanal Detail: The attention to detail in the floral pattern speaks to an artisanal skill, making each cup and saucer a work of art.

In true British fashion, here's a bit of humor: What's a teacup's favorite type of music? Jazz, because it's all about the improvi-'tea'-tion! It's this whimsical blend of culture and humor that makes British tea time so delightful.

Exclusively at Goodwoods British Market:

At Goodwoods British Market, we are proud to offer an unmatched array of tea and tea accessories, with the Summer Vine Floral Tea Cup & Saucer Set standing as a testament to our dedication to quality and beauty.

We believe that the perfect cup of tea is complemented by the perfect setting, and our selection is curated to enhance every aspect of your tea-drinking experience. Our friendly, expert staff are passionate about tea and are always ready to assist you in finding the perfect piece to suit your style and preferences.

For the finest in tea tradition and a touch of British charm, there is no better place than Goodwoods British Market. Whether you're seeking to enrich your own collection or find the perfect gift, we invite you to explore our exquisite selection. Come for the tea, stay for the warmth and humor that only Goodwoods can offer.

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