In between the busy schedules of our daily lives, catching up with your close and dear ones over a cup of tea is refreshing. Tea parties have been around almost as long as tea itself. In order to add some more spark and fun to your tea party, you can plan and enjoy your tea parties like never before with the help of the following ideas.

Let’s check out how to set up a tea party for adults!


Before you plan any other stuff for the tea party, you’ve got to craft a beautiful and welcoming invitation card. These are really easy to make online nowadays. With the help of super cool design websites such as Canva, Zazzle, or Minted, you can customize your own version of a Tea Party invitation. And doing so would definitely make your invitation better than just normal calls or emails.


As Tea Party is a low-maintenance casual gathering, keep the decorations simple yet aesthetic - hang simple, colorful tea time cutouts on the wall, add some fresh flowers to the vase, and use exquisite floral napkins. Stick to mint hues, golden colors, lace tablecloths, and floral decors. Basically, the mantra should be — keeping it simple but elegant!

Gorgeous Tableware

Even if you fall short for the room decors, you have to shine in choosing your tableware items for throwing an adult tea party. After all, your tea must be great, and it should be served beautifully with fancy and delicate sets of Glass, Bone China, or Porcelain Teapots, Cups and Saucers, Sugar and Creamer, Tier Serving Trays, and more. Tea Parties are a great time to bust out your vintage or modern family collection of Bone China, traditional heirlooms, or any unique tableware you own.

Foods & Drinks

While preparing and planning your tea party, decide on a special menu for foods and drinks. Fairy cakes, tea cakes, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pastries, Finger Sandwiches, Macarons, and Tartlets are great choices to mix and match on your party menu. Now, choosing the flavor of your tea is also important based on your personal choices; it is good to have at least two to three varieties of teas so that your guests can enjoy different flavors and tastes.


To make the party more fun, arrange some interesting indoor games for the guests, such as cards, puzzles, and board games. Arrange some souvenir gifts which your guests can take home and be the reason of their happiness. Choosing the outdoor setting such as your garden or lawn for arranging tea parties gives more refreshment and also opens up the opportunity to play some exciting outdoor games such as badminton, table tennis and more.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t thrown a tea party before. There’s always a first time for everything, so make use of the tips from the blog and try them to enjoy a great bonding time with your closest friends and family.