How to Set Up a Tea Party for Adults?

In between the busy schedules of our daily lives, catching up with your close and dear ones over a cup of tea is refreshing. Tea parties have been around almost as long as tea itself. In order to add some more spark and fun to your tea party, you can...

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fresh baked cranberry scones

Are you someone who loves to bake? You can either be a professional baker or a home baker, but you would agree with the fact that baking isn’t as easy as eating cake! Baking is that style of cooking that calls for precision and quality ingredients. A combination of both...

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dark green teapot with biscuits

Ask a tea person about teapots, and you will hear every individual delightfully embarking on a long and passionate discussion about how a specific design or color, or shape is better than the others. There is no ‘one best teapot’ in the world, just like there is no ‘one best...

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