Are you a bacon lover? Well, you must be as you are reading this. People from all across the globe love bacon, and it is one of the most popular cuts of meat. English cuisine has long been known to host bacon as the primary meat dish, specifically on the English breakfast table. 

Whether you are planning on a Sunday brunch, a fry up with the family, or making a Saturday morning breakfast for the kids, grilling some burgers, or enjoying pizza while watching a film- bacon is part of the happiness. However, there’s more potential to this cut of meat than you already know. What is that?

Something that makes bacon very special is that it is available in different types and cuts. Additionally, the preparation and curing techniques also add to the differences between the distinct types of bacon. So, brace yourself, get some notes ready, or grab your frying pan as we are going to explore the top varieties of bacon that you should know about!

Types Of Bacon Across The World

  1. American Style Bacon 

This is the most popular type of bacon and is cut from the pork belly. Also called “streaky bacon” and “side bacon”, this cut is an excellent choice for breakfast dishes. If you wish to add some long fatty crispy bacon roasted over some salt along with eggs, toast, pancakes, and hot coffee for the weekend breakfast, then American-style bacon it is!

  1. Back Bacon

The name of this bacon cut comes from the source of the pig.  Back Bacon is popular across both UK and Canada. This bacon is a leaner pork loin cut as it has a higher meat to fat ratio. Back bacon has a more chewy texture and is also thick compared to the American-style bacon. So, if you prefer meaty over fatty, then this bacon cut is the ideal choice for you.

  1. Rashers or British Bacon

Rashers are cut from the loin but are comparatively a meatier, leaner, and less fatty option. Rashers are the centrepiece of an English breakfast dish and are usually served alongside mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, eggs, toast, and beans. 

  1. Irish Bacon

The unique nature of Irish bacon is that it is circular and has rich fatty content. This is what gives it an incredible savoury flavour. This cut is not cooked until crispy and is often paired with eggs- a classic Irish breakfast plate. It tastes remarkably good when served with rice and potatoes too.

  1. Pork Bangers

This type of pork cut is specifically used for sausages. Pork bangers are very popular in the UK and are essential for pub and bar food. Also prepared widely at home, the name “bangers” comes from the tendency of this sausage cut to come “banging” open in high frying temperatures. Bangers are usually prepared with pork, some breadcrumbs, and water. Want something to munch on while watching your favourite movie? Pop some bangers on the frying pan!

Some Bacon Factors To Consider

When choosing bacon for your dish, you should see more than the type. Here are some factors that you have to consider before buying the ideal bacon cut:

  • Cured and dry-cured bacon- If you want your bacon to retain moisture and have a mild flavour, then go for cured bacon. If you prefer a strong taste to the meat and rub it with a little seasoning, then dry-cured bacon is perfect.
  • Thickness- A standard bacon slice is 1/16th of an inch thick. If you prefer a thicker cut, then you can choose bacon that is almost twice as thick as the standard slice. Thick cut bacon is an excellent addition to a hearty slow-cooked dish for a Sunday brunch. You can also choose to purchase a slice of bacon and cut it into the desired thickness.

Wrapping It All Up

Yes. Bacon is the most versatile meat on the planet. It is available in multiple types, and cuts, and can be eaten during any time of the day. The best part is that bacon goes excellently well with a lot of regular dishes and there are countless ways and styles of cooking it. 

The favourite part of the English breakfast and cuisine- bacon is the most loved and the most popularly sold meat across the nation. Explore a wide range of bacon cuts and sausages on our site and get your next bacon dish cooking!